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Welcome to Cookie Twist!

Send your sweetheart a sweet valentine this year with theses delicious cookie post cards!

Snowflake Sugar Cookie

Star Christmas Tree

I Love Thanksgiving!  I have so much to give thanks for.  Celebrate these cookies with those whom you’re grateful for, show them how much you care!

This easy to make Thanksgiving turkey starts out by using a “hand” cookie cutter.  The rest is up to you to decorate!


This cookie buffet was for a triple baby shower, (not triplets, just 3 friends expecting at the same time.)  I decided on a pumpkin theme since it’s fall and I needed to keep the theme gender neutral.  On the menu was everything pumpkin.  From pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to sugar cookie pumpkin impostors, there was enough pumpkin to go around.  This cookie buffet was a sweet seasonal way to shower our soon to be moms and welcome the lil’ pumpkins.

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I love weddings, especially when I love the person getting married.  I was delighted to do this vintage cookie buffet for the reception.  The barns wooden slats were the perfect backdrop for this rustic dessert table.  Lace, ribbon and burlap worked perfectly with the sweet treats featured.  The cookie dessert table included several fall flavors like; pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, ginger spice cookies and apple and peach tarts.  Other sweet treats were sugar cookies, lemon cookies, chocolate chip cookies and for a fun addition white chocolate covered Oreos.  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the night!

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12 Responses to “Home”

  1. Amazing images and attention to detail! Congrats on launching your website……we can’t wait for the cookies to start rolling out of the oven :)

  2. Love the website!

  3. Well, Lisa….I would say you’ve got a GOOD thing going here, and I’m sure you will soon pick up a lot of traffic – particularly for wedding receptions, anniversary parties, reunions, and so forth. Congrats on a very professional website!

    Tom Winings

  4. So awesome Lisa. I love all the different cookies. They are all darling! So creative. I’m not a baker either, but this makes it look really fun. Great website as well!

  5. WOW!!! Can’t wait to try lots of these. Your website is amazing! Way to go!

  6. I can’t believe how cool these cookies are. I am excited to see what else will be coming. The explanations and pictures make it so even I can do it! Way to go!!

  7. Such a great website! These look delicious; can’t wait for you to start selling them! We’d buy platters for company events.

  8. Love it Lisa! Hope you’ll make me your “wave cookie” in remembrance of Pensacola the next time I see you. Honestly your website is absolutely amazing!!

  9. Looking forward to your next post

  10. Cookie Twist – just great!

  11. Nice info about food. Thanx and keep it up.

  12. This looks so great~way to go. Love the tables and the display ideas. I think that I need some recipes!

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