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Cookie Buffet


Can’t eat just one cookie?   No problem here!  Gather friends and family and indulge in a buffet full of sweet cookie sensations.

Ultimate Spa Birthday Party!

My little gal is turning 10!  (I guess she’s not so little anymore) For her birthday she decided to have a SPA themed party.  We started off playing pin the cucumbers on the spa woman’s eyes.  Manicures followed along with each guest decorating a pair of sandals with ribbons, filling a jar with bath salts, and slathering on a green exfoliating face mask.  Of course we ended the night with this dessert buffet filled with every kind of delectable treat.  It was certainly a night to remember.

Cookie Eyeshadow Compact Recipe

Buttercream Icing Recipe

Cool as a Cucumber Cookie Recipe

Buttercream Icing

Cookie Sleeping Mask Recipe

Buttercream Icing Recipe


This cookie buffet was for a triple baby shower, (not triplets, just 3 friends expecting at the same time.)  I decided on a pumpkin theme since it’s fall and I needed to keep the theme gender neutral.  On the menu was everything pumpkin.  From pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to sugar cookie pumpkin impostors, there was enough pumpkin to go around.  This cookie buffet was a sweet seasonal way to shower our soon to be moms and welcome the lil’ pumpkins.

Pumpkin Sugar Cookie

Pumpkin Patch Cookie Tart

Sugar Cookie with Candy Pumpkin

Pumpkin Cinnamon White Chocolate Chip Cookie

Pumpkin Whoopie Pie

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie

Tasty Tailgate!

Fall Has arrived which means it’s time to tailgate.  This cookie buffet is the perfect way to kick-off the football season.  Huddle up with friends and family, this party will surely be a TOUCHDOWN!

Football Sugar Cookie

Football Jersey Cookie

Pompom Cookie

Chocolate Football Cookie Tart

Helmet Cookie

Referee Jersey Cookie

Football Flag Cookie

Free Football Print-Out

Surfs Up!

Cookie Sandcastle

Sunshine Cookie

Beach Ball Cookie Tart

Cookie Wave

Sand Pail Cookie Tart

Surfs Up Cookie Sign

Sail Away!

Say Bon Voyage to Summer

Sail Boat Cookie Tart

Captains Wheel Cookie

Anchor Cookie

Compass Cookie

Life Preserver Cookie

Happy Bee Day Party!

Honeycomb Cookie

Flower Cookie Pot

Black & Yellow Bee Cookie

Chewy Honey Cookie

Buzzing Bee Sugar Cookie

Back To School Cookie Buffet!

Book Worm Cookie

Apple Cookie Tart

Ruler Cookie

Chalkboard Cookie

Back to School Cookie Letters

Free Back to School Print-Out

Perfect Picnic

Watermelon Slice Cookie

Veggie Sandwich Cookie

Cherry Pie Cookie Tart

Chocolate Cookie Ants

Luscious Lemons 

Raspberry Lemon Cookie Tart

Lemon Whoopie Pie

Lemon Slice Cookie

Fantastic July 4th Fireworks

Strawberry Vanilla Cookie Tart

Festive Cookie Flags

Flaming Cookie Fireworks

Red White & Blue Sugar Cookies

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  1. How many hours does this take you!?!? Sadie and Kaylee want a lot of these!!! (That’s what Kaylee says!)

  2. It takes a few hours (especially with little helpers in the kitchen) but I enjoy every minute! Can’t wait to hear about Sadie and Kaylee’s cookies!

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